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Björns fyr. Foto: Carina Bodin, Söderfors fotoklubb.

Björns fyr. Foto: Carina Bodin, Söderfors fotoklubb.

The main characteristics of Tierp are high development and fast growth combined with big city or country living. Enjoy bird song and nature at your doorstep, while feeling the big city pulse from the metropolitan area close by. Take advantage of our central location, close to Arlanda international airport and the dynamic Mälar-region.

The municipality of Tierp has a guiding vision for all our activities; our trademark is development and growth, a good living environment and a determination to prioritize children and teenagers. Tierp offers easy access to Internet broadband, suburban services, good transports, like buses and trains, and a lot of successful companies all which make us look bright on the future. All this forms a good base for the municipality to develop from and improve the services for all residents according to our guiding vision.

Recently the municipality has implemented an extensive rebuilding programme for all schools to allow modern teaching methods. The key principle in pre- and primary school is the forming of teaching teams with extended power to make decisions as close as possible to the children and pupils.

In Tierp you will find a wealth of cultural and historical sites, from stone-age to modern time. You can find traces from old hunter - gatherers´ society to our modern industrial society with small to medium sized businesses and service industries. Regardless of where you are in Tierp, at the seaside, in the midst of the agricultural landscape, in the old industrial towns or in the modern city - you will find that we value and respect our cultural and historical heritage.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about our municipality, how it is to live and work here, please contact Medborgarservice (citizen service), by phone +46 293 21 80 88 or by e-mail medborgarservice@tierp.se.

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